Turkish (bbland10) wrote in mastertips,

new here as well

ummmmm ya im new here

im bisexual but i perfer guys better
I'm addicted to masterbation and so r my friends which kinda works out but....lol..... i beleive I have a tip.

im not sure how this will work out for guys who arnt curcumsized. but for circumsized guys, ok , that small flap of skin connecting ur dick head and ur skin ring, is a GREAT spot to focus on. say take like 2 or 3 fingers and lay them on the flap of skin. then kinda vibrte ur fings like up and down realy fast. it works fuckin wonders! (for me) so yuppers thats my awsome tip.
o ya, am i the only 1 who focuses upwards when thet masterbate? c cuz i have gotten lots og hand jobs..... but they all sucked hardcore .... it like .. idk i mean i usually dont go the full length of my penis when i masterbate i keep my hand more upwards... and when i get hand jobs.......they go like all the way down and all the way back up and im like woah un comftorble. is it just me?
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