shamrock_green (shamrock_green) wrote in mastertips,

New here...

Hi all.

I am new here. 31/m.

I love to masturbate, I love to watch other folks masturbate (men and women), and I love to masturbate over the phone, or online with other folks.

I have one tip for the guys, fo r ahome made sextoy (if I can get pics, I will post them...)

You will need:

Hand towel
latex glove/condom
three or four rubber bands
lube of some variety

Take the hand towel, and fold it lengthwise in half. Place the glove/condom at one end of the folded hand towel, so that both ends of the glove/condom extend beyond the towel. Roll the towel up with the glove/condom inside.

Take the rubber bands, wrap the towel with them. Fold the open end of the glove backwards over the towel (this forms your entry point). Fold the other end down, and be sure to tuck it under on eof the rubber bands (this will help hold it in place!)

Squeeze some lube inside it.

Slide your penis in, and enjoy!
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